Workers’ Compensation

Because accidents happen.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects your most important assets—your employees.
You rely on your employees every day to help you make your business successful and they count on you to protect them should the unexpected happen. Workers’ compensation coverage solutions can pay for an injured employee’s medical treatment, replace part of lost wages if a job-related injury requires time off work, and protect your company and its assets.

How do we help you save on workers’ compensation?

An effective workers’ compensation program goes far beyond simply paying out claims. It should provide the resources you need to prevent injuries before they happen, and help you properly track and manage claims when they occur.

The Western Insurance Group workers’ compensation program leverages years of industry expertise to help you manage an efficient workplace safety program, minimize claims, and reduce premiums.

On-site Safety Training

We provide on-site, bilingual safety training for your entire organization to help you minimize the potential of injuries occurring in the first place.

Claims Management

If a claim does occur, our experienced workers’ compensation claims consultants will help you implement a program to manage and track claims, identify and fight fraudulent claims, and project how future premiums may be affected.

Loss Trend Analysis

Our team will analyze your loss trends to identify problem areas and get ahead of potential future issues by developing a loss control plan to help reduce the number of workers’ compensation incidents and mitigate your future losses.


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