Team Member

Hilario Garcia

Loss Control Consultant

Hilario has been with Western Growers Insurance Services since August 2013 as a Loss Control Consultant and assists members with their safety and health related efforts in keeping a safe workplace for their employees. 

In the years with Western Growers Insurance Services, Hilario has served some of our long-time members and their employees and is continually building relationships with newer members. Hilario has used his varied work experience and education gained over the last twenty plus years to understand the financial aspect of the agricultural industry and help the membership in reducing operational costs by implementing risk management strategies and programs in the prevention of industrial injuries. His safety and health awareness presentations to our members both educate his audience and promote a safe work environment. Hilario has the pleasure of presenting safety workshops in both English and Spanish to Central Valley and Central Coast Western Growers members, and in other regions in California and Arizona as well.


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